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Taybi received his schooling in the field of Science and Engineering from the California Polytechnic University in Pomona and UC Berkeley in the mid 70’s. However his passion for art has steered him on a more transcendental experience. His academic training has inadvertently contributed to the unique character of his work.


A sense of geometry, balance, harmony and gradation, specifically logic of a scientific training can be recognized in his work, creating a feeling of effervescence, a common thread that weaves through the fabric of his creations, ranging from modern railing systems to housewares, furniture, lighting designs and finally fine art.


His ability to create monumental magnificent works of art stems from his business enterprise in the field of architectural metal. His discipline employs many craftsmen, fabricators, engineers, high tech technicians, and administrators to not only manage his business enterprise, but also provide him with the space, manpower and technology necessary to create an array of artistic and aesthetically pleasing objects of art and utility for the world.


Taybi’s vision had always been global in scope. His bold and magnanimous sculptures exude

messages that are socially important for the betterment of the generality of humanity.

Taybi’s passion for universal love, peace and harmony within all of mankind is infused in his site specific fine art creations.


Unity in Diversity.

A metaphor representing unity of mankind despite its diversity displayed at the Museum of Art in Laguna Beach 1984.


Menorah Sculpture. Winner of the art contest for the Los Angeles Mart in downtown LA 1984.


Laguna Beach art festival. Taybi created many smaller art pieces and artistic furniture and was juried in for the Laguna Beach art festival in the years

1982, 1983, and later in 1994 and 1995.


Kate Mantilini. Taybi collaborated with Morphosis, an international architectural firm, winner of many architectural awards in the years 1987 and 1988.


Beautification award. Refurbishing his own private residence in Laguna Beach Taybi used this opportunity to create new architectural elements, furniture, and lightings which won him an award from the council of the city of Laguna Beach for the year 2014.


Prosperity through global unity. Depicting the prosperity which will ensue as a result of unity of humanity.


Harmony of science and religion. Designed for the Baha’i Center in San Clemente California


Tahirih. A tribute to a woman scholar and poetess, who gave her life as a ransom for emancipation of women in the middle of the 19th century. 25’ tall.


ADEX design award was granted to Taybi for the design of a beautiful barstool in 1999.


Unity in Diversity was finally dedicated by the local Baha’i assembly of Bellevue Washington for the 25th anniversary of the United Indians of All Tribes foundation, installed in the discovery park in Seattle Washington.

Gracious-The Beacon of Peace. A monumental ballerina dedicated to the city of Sochi where the last winter Olympics were held as a token of peace to the people of the world.


Taybi believes that the creative energy is a divine phenomenon, a gift to every and all human beings and it is in fact the very thing that separates man, from the rest of the creation.

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