Ron Taybi is committed to spreading the word on peace and harmony with humanitarians and artists alike. He believes that social gatherings are a powerful way of communicating passion and instilling motivation amongst one another, therefore, the planning of regular events are a great way to encourage people to meet others with the same love for helping and giving.

Gracious - The Beacon of Peace

Time and Date: 02/22/14 at 4pm
Location: 24 Hammond, Suite E, Irvine, CA 92618

This event is for the unveiling of the monumental sculpture "Gracious – The Beacon of Peace". This magnificent ballerina sculpture is a premier gift being donated by the artist from the people of America to the people of Russia (City of Sochi)

The Donation honors the host of the peaceful assemblage of humanity for the 2014 Winter Olympics games. There will be live classical music, along with a performance of the American and Russian Anthems followed by the beautiful Russian and American ballet duet.

The night's event will close with the song Imagine by John Lennon and a farewell to the ballerina by the audience. In addition, an exhibit showcasing several sculptures and designs by artist Ron Taybi will be highlighted.